Created by Nandan, Henry and Simon

Here's what they had to say about creating this movie:

The message of our film is to tell the audience about the benefits of learning to play a musical instrument. We presented our film by making it funny and informative so our audience could laugh and learn.

The special highlights of our film are when Mozart throws his cup and when “headphone girl” throws her headphones. Also, all the scenes with Yoda. The film was inspired by our teachers and helpers who gave the idea and people around the world who want to learn to play an instrument.

We used plasticine, inside-out wrapper, paper for the background, and a chalkboard eraser. The film turned out how we wanted it to be but we would change some aspects of filming because the white paper was shown when we were taking pictures.

Throughout the process, we learned to work together and to move back when the stop motion picture is taken. We would recommend that everyone plays a specific role on the project and works on separate things so to finish the film faster.