Created by Isabelle and Sabine

Here's what they had to say about creating this movie:

The main message of this film is about how smartphone usage affects sleep and the brain: you should not go on your smartphone before you go to bed because it gives off blue light, making it harder to fall asleep.

Without sleep, you will be grumpy when you wake up. The majority of the film was shot using vertical view. The puppets were made of plasticine and pipe cleaners.

The sets were made of paper, plasticine and glitter glue. Other props such as the picture of the brain were hand drawn by Isabelle. 

During the filming, we really enjoyed learning how to use the camera, taking the photos and moving the puppets to make it look like the characters are moving. Some challenging aspects of this project involved focusing the camera, making the puppets stand, constructing the people and the animals, making the humans look realistic, changing the mouths of the characters, changing the sets and making the animals look cute!

We would like to thank Christina Pizzonia, Maliha Kollins, Ms.Vela, Ms.B, Ms.Vlassova, and Ms.T.