Created by Chloe, Leela and Jane

Here's what they had to say about creating this movie:

The main message of our film is to show how screens at night can affect our brains’ development and growth.

The film was shot using birds eye view as well as a vertical camera set up. The puppets were made of plasticine and pipe cleaners. The sets were made of cardboard papers and bristol board. Other props such as the quakson (croissant), and many more, were made out of plasticine, paper, pipe cleaners, and cotton balls.

During the filming, we really enjoyed building the props, exploring the software, and editing all of our soundtracks. Some challenging aspects of this project were the length of time it took, and the numerous photos we had to take.

We would like to thank the Firefly Foundation, TAIS, and Bright Lights. We also thank our animators Ms. Vela, Ms. T, Ms. B, and the scientist Ms. Dong. A thank you also goes to the homeroom teacher Ms. Vlassova and the assistants: Maliha and Christina, and lastly, our parents.