Created by Marie and Grace

Here's what they had to say about creating this movie: The main message of our film is that playing music is a full brain workout and it strengthens the corpus callosum.

The film was shot using top down (bird’s eye view). The puppets were made of plasticine. The sets were made of paper. Other props such as the ukulele, the brain, the tests and the names were made of paper. During the filming, we really enjoyed working together and taking all the pictures, we also loved making the puppets.

Some challenging aspects of this project were getting the timing right and placing the characters in the right the right spots.

We would like to thank TAIS animation, Firefly Foundation, Bright lights in the lab, and all the animators, especially Nikole. Also we want to thank Anna Vlassova who helped us with our movie. Bright Lights in the Lab is a summer program offered through the partnership between Firefly Foundation, University of Toronto Schools, and the Toronto Animated Image Society.