Created by Sarjana and Chelsey

Here's what they had to say about creating this movie: The main message of our film is that although marijuana is legal in Canada for people over the age of 19, its use has consequences on one’s health.

The film was shot using top down view and the last scene was shot using horizontal view. The puppets were made of plasticine and the sets were made of paper. Other props such as the stick, mud, and jellybeans, were also made of plasticine.

During the filming, we really enjoyed creating the puppets, script, hallucination scene, and making the props. Some challenging aspects of this project were sculpting the puppets and making their movements life-like.

We would like to thank Ms. Vlassova, Mr. Truong, Mr. Allinson, Christina, and Ms. Hidalgo for being so supportive and helpful to us. In addition, we would like to thank our parents for giving us the opportunity to be in this program.