bright lights in the lab 2018 ~ it's a wrap !

This year we were delighted to welcome 75 students to our summer programs at bright lights in the lab.  Thanks to the support of our donors and largely because of Firefly founder Heather Fraser we were also able to offer scholarship opportunities to 14 students.

From July 9 - 20 the Explorers (Grade 7, 8 and 9) and Researchers (Grade 10, 11 and 12) were eager to work with our teachers and researchers to develop their lab skills and conduct their own research.  We know that parents and camp supporters were very impressed with their work when they attended the Open House on our final day.

During this time we also welcomed 2 groups of Animators (Grade 5 and 6) who in 5 short days create and produced amazing stop motion animated films that will teach us all something we need to think about when it comes to healthy brains.  This great work is made possible by our teachers and our community partners at the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS).  The animators make every day inspiring and fun.  We will be posting the films as soon!

This year our teaching team included 18 dedicated individuals who are teachers, researchers, scientists, artists and animators.  We are grateful to them all and would like to offer special thanks to María Niño-Soto from University of Toronto Schools, our Camp Director in 2018.

Please check out some photos in our gallery below, or see all the daily action

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