elizabeth mckenzie anspach

Elizabeth McKenzie was born in Alva, Scotland, and immigrated to the United States when she was a young girl. Sailing across the seas on a rocky ship, she sang ‘Keep Your Sunny Side Up’ while the rest of the boat travelers were green with sea sickness; that was a sign of the spirit of little Ellizabeth.

She matured into an independent and ambitious woman – intelligent, inspired and generous – beautiful inside and out. She attended University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where she lived with her Aunt Jenny, and studied literature until she met Herbert Anspach, an ambitious young law student, with whom she would spend her life and raise their daughter, Heather.

Together, Herb and Betty were a dynamic duo; while Herb was the Corporate ‘Whiz Kid’, Elizabeth was truly the ‘Power Behind the Throne”.

In their corporate home town of St. Joseph, Michigan Betty was adored by everyone; she was the life of every party, the perfect ‘First Lady’, a generous volunteer at fundraisers and hospitals, a fantastic mother and a good friend to many.  

She had a lively mind and energetic spirit, and many dimensions to her rich personality.  She was happy throwing a party for hundreds of people or curled up with a classic novel.  She played the role of the stylish and sophisticated socialite, and also dressed up as a troll for Halloween.  She had an eye for all things beautiful, be it an antique treasure or a garden where she would commune with nature.  She was a fashion plate, a singer, an artist, a pianist, but most of all, she was inspired and, through this, inspired all those around her.