bright lights in the lab

For two weeks in July, students from across Toronto in Grades 6 through 12 attend our Bright Lights in the Lab Summer Camp Experience. Students meet a variety of invertebrates and learn about the basic principles of neuroscience that makes us who we are. We have designed the camp to inspire each grade level and many students return subsequent years to continue this journey. We are proud to offer scholarships & financial aid to students who qualify.

brain bee

Firefly has been the proud local sponsor of the Toronto Brain Bee since 2011. The Brain Bee is a competition for high school students, grades 9 through 12. It is fashioned after a traditional Spelling Bee, except that students answer questions about the brain and neuroscience research. The experience connects students with the university in their area, giving them an opportunity to meet university students and professors who are doing brain research. It is an avenue of communication to raise awareness of brain research in the community and attract bright young minds to the study of neuroscience.

spark award

Dr. Laura Hamilton, Spark Award recipient, 2016

The Spark Award is a partnership program between the Firefly Foundation and the Alzheimer Society of Canada. The goal of the Firefly Spark Award supports novel research into neurodegenerative disease that is well-informed but requires evidence to be pursued further. Projects considered will include a thoughtful hypothesis on envisioned solutions, approaches or methodologies that are new and novel. Research proposals must represent the potential to open new scientific pathways and/or generate noteworthy learning. To date five awards have been granted.