We are proud to have funded breakthrough research initiatives and programs designed to inspire and develop the talents of aspiring young neuroscientists for the last ten years.

We need your support to help us grow these initiatives that are repeatable, scalable and most importantly, valuable to all our futures.

There are many ways you can participate as a sponsor, student, or scientist.


The support of individual donors and annual sponsors enable us to send deserving students to camp, as well as to continue to fund new paths of discovery in research.

Corporate sponsors are also encouraged to contact us to find out more about how we can work together and where your support would be most helpful.

Learn more about one of the key programs we need your support to continue grow - Bright Lights in the Lab.


We would also like to thank the following sponsors

for their generosity.


Astra Zeneca Canada - Bright Lights Scholarships (2017)

Rotman Photography Association - LENS Memories (2016) 

Fulbright Canada (2015)

Rotman GBC Outreach (2014, 2015, 2016) 

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Register to compete at the Toronto Brain Bee  and join us this summer at Bright Lights in the Lab.


Contact us to find out how to get involved with Bright Lights in the Lab! Science teachers direct the camp. OISE interns gain experience by helping us develop the program and teach at the camp. Master's Candidates and Graduate Students from the University of Toronto add new experimental protocols and assist students each summer at the camp. 

We also support research to help bright minds in the world of neuroscience evolve their very best ideas into brilliant discoveries. Read about our Spark Award recipients and support of proof-of-concept research at CRND