In 2018 we launched a pilot program, in partnership with University of Toronto, UTS and Deckchair Learning that provides students with an online study tool to prepare for the annual Brain Bee competition.

The content used in this program come from the two study guides that are used at the Brain Bee (Brain Facts/Society for Neuroscience and British Neuroscience Association/Science of the Brain). Students can access 18 unique subject areas to improve their knowledge.  

This content is relevant and of value to those preparing for the Bee as well as undergraduates studying neuroscience at the University level. We would welcome the opportunity to explore how we might offer this material to the

Research has shown that practice tests are as effective as relearning the study material.  Our system measures speed and accuracy because fluency leads to long term retention and helps students answer quickly in competitions.   

We are currently planning the next phase of this program and hope to have updates on its future soon.