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For students who have completed grade 4 Science but not started grade 7 Science.


We use our brains to think, but how often do we think about the brain? This summer day camp allows young brainiacs to learn about how their brain works and how they can use the principles of neuroscience to improve brain health, focus and take joy in their learning on the way to high school. The camp uses hands-on activities, field trips and art to introduce neuroscience and its applications to the real world to students. 


For students who have completed grade 6 Science but not started grade 10 Science.

This summer day camp introduces basic neuroscience training to students early in high school. The focus is on developing good lab technique, learning to work independently with lab equipment and allowing them to design their own experiments. The goal of this camp is to develop critical thinking and design skills to understand how science is truly practiced in the world. This camp introduces hands-on and lab-based activities to help students develop an appreciation for how research occurs in neuroscience labs. 


For students who have completed grade 9 Science.

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This summer day camp develops more advanced neuroscience training for high school students in preparation for university. The focus is on independent lab design and experimentation to help students mature as experimenters both in data gathering and analysis. This camp simulates the environment of a research lab to help students develop a deeper understanding of how neuroscience research develops new knowledge in our world. 

scholarships & financial aid

Since 2014 we have been proud to offer students who have unlimited curiosity about neuroscience, but limited financial resources, the opportunity to attend Bright Lights in the Lab.

Firefly Fellows receive a fully funded scholarship that covers camp tuition and also includes complimentary lunches daily and TTC tickets to and from the camp. This funding allows students from priority neighbourhoods (see map from City of Toronto) to attend either advanced or junior bright lights.

Capable students who live in other neighborhoods will also be considered for financial aid.

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