fundraiser at trinity college

Firefly is honored to be the cause that Trinity College has chosen to support in 2012.

The University of Trinity College, commonly known as Trinity College and informally Trin, is a college of the University of Toronto, founded in 1851 by Bishop John Strachan, and continues to this day to embrace a rich history of tradition. This includes two formal dances each year, the first of which is the Saint's Ball.

This year's theme for the Ball is Alice In Wonderland (or should we say Saint's in Wonderland).  We had the pleasure of meeting students and having dinner with the Saints Executives at the recent Chocolate Dinner with the Queen of Hearts held at St. Hilda's on November 8th. The Saint's Ball is held annually in November and is hosted by Women of College. There are several fantastic events leading up to the Ball including a movie night, trivia night, jousting in the quad, a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, and the Saint's Bowl held in the Back Quad the night before the Ball. (Because what Women of College isn't up for a little football the night before the Ball... Good Luck Ladies!!)

And our sincere thanks for your interest and support of the Firefly Foundation.