memories silent auction

Firefly Foundation was thrilled to collaborate with the Rotman Photography Association to host a silent auction celebrating memories through photography.  

The funds raised at this event - combined with the support offered by the Rotman Graduate Business Council and our own fundraising efforts - enabled Firefly to offer a total of 18 students scholarships and financial aid to attend our Bright Lights in the Lab camp in 2016.

Heather Fraser, the Founder of Firefly, acknowledged all of the amazing people who contributed to the success of this event.  

contributors & collaborators

The Rotman Photography Association worked with us to transform their successful LENS competition into a focused effort to raise funds for Bright Lights in the Lab Scholarships. The photographs at the silent auction included winners of their annual competition. Contributing photographers included seasoned professionals with successful careers, as well as Rotman student photographers.

Heather Fraser's daughter, Ceilidh Fraser, designed a book featuring all of the photographers who donated their work to the event.  She is also one of the contributing photographers.

Chris Fraser and the great printing team at Movable produced the excellent quality book.

Sharon Zillmer, the Firefly Foundation Manager, has been the leader of the Bright Lights initiative since its inception and also helped coordinate this event.

Azadeh Houshmand contributed her artistic eye and ability to make important connections to the initiative.

The support and professional connections of Beth MacKinnon and Fransi Weinstein helped attract a talented crowd to the event.

Last but not least, Heather expressed huge thanks to her parents, without whom the Foundation would not exist. Their memory lives on through our work at Firefly.

Memories is a collection of the photography curated by the Firefly Foundation & the Rotman Photography Assocation for LENS 2016. All proceeds support the Bright Lights in the Lab scholarship program.

a message from our founder

Memories are one of life's greatest treasures.  They are photographs we take with our mind.  Like memories, photographs bring time, place, people and emotion together.  They captivate those who value a glimpse into another world, and give meaning to things sometimes overlooked or taken for granted.

This book is a collection of the work of inspired photographers, both aspiring young photographers and sessions practitioners.  Each photograph represents a special memory, which they are generously sharing with you to sport Firefly's question to keep memory alive.

All proceeds from this book go toward an important Firefly initiative, Bright Lights in the Lab, which you can read more about in this book.  This initiative supports ambitious young students who aim to explore the wonders of the brain, and discover new ways to preserve the power of memory in generations to come.

On behalf of Firefly and the talented photographers who have shared their work and their memories, we invite you to appreciate these memories and create enduring memories of your own.

Stay bright,

Heather McKenzie Anspach Fraser, Founder