Get Some Sleep

Created by Ken, Evan & Allan

at Bright Lights in the Lab 2017.  

Get Some Sleep Ken, Evan, Allan.JPG

Here's what they had to say about creating this movie:

We created a stop motion animation about sleep deprivation and how it affects the human brain instantly and over time. Some examples of instant effects are slow reaction time, and loss of motivation. Some long term effects are memory loss, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. The materials we used to create our stop motion animation were plasticine, cardboard, tape, pencil crayons, and scissors. 

We did our artwork by first, choosing a topic which was sleep and we brainstormed everything we knew about sleep. Then, we thought of a story we could have animated. After, we thought about things that would affect our character from lack of sleep. It was loss of memory, loss of motivation, and memory loss. Finally, we got all our characters, made the background and started the animation.  

We chose the topic of sleep because it seemed interesting. We thought that 3D characters and props could bring our story to life more. We also decided to add some humorous parts to bring people into the story so they wouldn’t get bored of our educational parts.