Kamusta ka ~ How Are You?

Created by Hanna & SeungYi

at Bright Lights in the Lab 2017

Kamusta Ka Hannah and SeungYi.JPG

Here's what they said about making this movie:

Our stop motion film is about how being bilingual can delay the onset dementia. We used plasticine and paper backgrounds to illustrate why it is important that our brain lasts as long as our body does; so it is important to be able to take control of our brain health by just learning another language.

The process of making our film was very stressful. Sometimes we fought and other times we just couldn't get things right. One of the hardest parts was when we were making our figures for our film our nails kept getting in the way. When we were also making our figures’ limbs kept falling off. When we were in the middle of filming it was really nice to watch back what we just did and make edits to it.

The reason we decided to keep our visuals simple was because we wanted it to be organized but still pleasing to the eye. We decided on a red and blue colour scheme because we thought the two colours were complimentary. The library background allowed us to place the characters in a more realistic setting.