Created by Sam, Gregory and Sam

at Bright Lights in the Lab 2017

Sully with Sam, Sam and Gregory.JPG

Here's what they had to say about making this movie:

Although cannabis may have certain health benefits for the adult, early exposure to cannabis can prove to be detrimental to adolescent brains. By showing the effects of cannabis in “sully” we taught the general public about the effects of cannabis on the brain.

We first decided to pick marijuana as our topic and how it affects the adolescent brain. We then researched the effects on it. We took out the important parts and made it into a script. Next, was the storyboard where it was difficult deciding how the story would go. We finally agreed on one, and made the props and the set. The materials we used were cardboard, plasticine, skewers, play-doh, and construction paper.

We chose to base our project around cannabis because it is being legalized next year, and an important question about the legalization is how it will affect the next generation. By researching this topic, we help teach the general public about its effects on adolescents.