To exercise or not to exercise

Created by Sarah, Laurie and Gurleen

at Bright Lights in the Lab 2017

To Exercise with Sarah, Lauri and Gurleen.JPG

Here's what they had to say about making  this movie:

We wanted to bring our facts to life. That’s why we made a stop motion video. We decided to use paper, because it allowed us to show the emotion we wanted to be seen in our film. For this artwork we used paper, pencils, markers, scissors and most importantly, our emotions.

The reason why we created this film is to educate and inspire children to exercise for their brain and better their future for themselves. The message we were trying to send out to children was to keep exercising, so we showed a comparison between 2 people.

We had many struggles throughout the process, like compromising with each other and understanding each other. We did not realize that this would be such a hefty process. Over time, we eventually started to cooperate, and then we started working more efficiently with our teamwork. The overall process was a hassle, but together we did the best we ever could.