Alzheimers Movie

Created by Paige, Andrew and Keanu

at Bright Lights in the Lab 2017

Here's what they had to say about making this movie:

We created this artistic animation using plasticine for the characters, and made the illusion of movement using stop motion. The things we learned while creating our animation include, but are not limited to: what Alzheimer's does, and how to work with plasticine in stop motion.

Our favorite part was making the characters for the animation. If we could change something about our animation, it would be the absurdly fast walking grandpa because seniors usually walk very slow (which we originally had not done).

While making our film, we were surprised to find out that it was exceptionally hard to animate our characters. This happened to an extent in which it was near-impossible to persevere throughout our vast workload.

Alzheimers Movie with Paige, Andrew, Keanue.JPG